A.  Increase The Number Of Payment Methods

A lot of people around the world are using more and more different ways to pay their money, so it is advisable to include various methods of payment on your online store for those customers to choose from a diverse list. While the forms of payment are many and diverse, ensure that they are all quick, safe and convenient to choose any time any day.

B. Increase Your Search Visibility

Encourage yourself and others to up their use of keywords on Your store and product pages .Apart from that, try to sell products and product related items to specific geographical proximities so that when Google uses its various algorithms in its searches, your store and the products in it are more likely to attract a higher and rightful audience because of its relevance to what they are in search of. Driving audiences to your store is tough work but it will increase your odds of your products appearing in searches of customers abroad.

C.  Open Multiple Stores

Create as many online stores as you can on other different stores too. Challenges with the checkout still exist because no matter what happens even if you write your store in that countries language, the checkout will still remain in its default language. Because of this, it’s advisable to open stores targeting customers in those other countries too in an entire language they can understand.

Ensure that those different stores have their own inventory, domain, frontend, backend and a payment gateway with local currency.

D.  Work On Your Brand

From the word go, have a plan on what your brand is all about, distinguish yourself from the competitiveness of other brands .Be convenient enough and offer experience to greatly improve the impact it will have on your customers as they keep interacting with your customers. It will take time to achieve this success but be patient, spend wisely and creative enough

E.   Do Enough Research

Before rolling out any online store, ensure that you conduct enough research to avoid falling into the pitfalls of culture shock, attitudes and weird interactions. Ensure everything about your store is right that they is nothing offensive to customers in different parts of the world

F.   Be Truthful

As an online store, be very honest with everything you do as a store. Be honest about your delivery time, the packaging, the cost (no hidden charges), shipping, and the available and unavailable products on your store, the regions you operate in and the updated information. Honesty is what will keep your customers flowing endlessly to your store because they are clear cut about everything you say and offer from your store.

G. Be Local

Use local languages to conduct businesses irrespective of the market you are in. This includes product descriptions, payment processes and other relevant information on your store. Translation tools out there can help you with job.

H. Ensure That You Do Returns

Customer dissatisfaction is typical of any business venture. Just like your online store, a customer may want to return a product he or she is clearly not interested in. As a good store, it is okay to follow through and find out what really happened, if he or she was given the product in that state or it was destroyed after the customer received it. Do due investigations. If the customer is correct, please accept back the product and do a replacement or refund back the money.

I.      Offer Concrete Customer Service

Because you will be attending to many customers across the world, ensure that you observe the best customer service practices to different customers. Not everybody may be subjected to the same customer service practices. Do research and find out what is best for a customer in that particular region he or she is in.

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