Ways to increase traffic to your online store

  1. You should drive customers to your store through use of major search engines like Google. Google is a major and the most popular search engine of all. This makes Google a place where billions of people visit daily all throughout the year in search of different need to know content. It is therefore necessary to align yourself in such a manner your works are visible within the top search results. This makes it easier for people to follow up more on your online store when they see your store making it among the top search results on search engines like Google.

Let us look at some few tips on how to optimize your product page in search engines

  • You should pick a keyword that you are going to target Google or any other search engine with. Simply pick a unique keyword that describes your product. Remember, there are millions of people selling a similar product like that one of yours. So it is important that you use a very unique keyword that a search engine will easily put it among the top search results because of its unique word.
  • Put that keyword and images at the start of your product page. The reason for this is that a search engine will tend to associate that keyword to the product image you have used. Remember, search engines like Google are super good in processing text and code but they have one limitation. Which one? They are not very good at processing images.

Aligning your text and image together on the main page makes a search engine learn that incase your product image is found anywhere other than your online store, it is  related to that product keyword you had used and vice versa too.

  • Avoid using the same keyword for all of your product images. The main reason for this is to keep the keyword density as low as possible. As low as 1% to 4%. Secondly, we want to avoid confusing the search engine about which keyword belongs to which product and much more confusion. This can interfere with our product page appearing on top results.

2. Drive your customers to your online store through Amazon or eBay store. If you have an Amazon or eBay store, you should be promoting your own online store to your customers on these pages.

But, remember, both Amazon and eBay have super strict policies when it comes to showing their customers where to shop on an external website. They both do not accept posting links on any of their websites with an intention of diverting their customers away. Both have a range of punishments for violating their policies.

However, despite these obstacles, you can still slip a thank you note inside the package thanking all your customers   from Amazon or eBay. Take advantage and inform your customers as well about your other online store. This will at least get the attention of some of your customers who might just visit and who knows, maybe buy from your online store.

You can as well use the same name you have on you online store to open a similar store on Amazon or eBay with a similar name. This will help in promoting your brand

3.  Social media interaction with big brands and pages as well. Follow big popular brands that are related to the products that you are selling. Focus majorly on building an active audience towards your posts and activities among social media interactions. Your store name will keep popping up in forums every other time. This is good. Why? The store name will get the attention of some of the participants in such forums who will in turn head over to your other online store to learn more.

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