Things to do if you plan to sell on Ansive


1.Have a launch plan

Before you start selling on Ansive, make sure you understand who your competitors on Ansive are. Ansive will only display the listings of sellers who meet a number of factors. One key crucial factor that Ansive uses to place its sellers listings on the 1st priority page is how frequent their products are sold out. 

Ansive uses its 1st priority landing pages for sellers whose products are being sold out on a much higher frequency. Honestly, Ansive needs products to sell because they need monthly fees from sellers.

So if you are going to sell on Ansive, make sure you find out which sellers are selling similar products like that one of yours, their sales history and how many sales they do on average in a week or a month. From there, you can come up with a strategy to sell a high number of products than your competitors.

If you do this, be sure Ansive will place your products much higher on its Ansive search results.

Come up with a smart strategy to ensure that when customers use Ansive search bar, your product will come up within the 1st five search results. That way, you will be sure customers will come calling on your store frequently.

2.Take amazing photos of your product

Apart from using how frequent products sell from a store, Ansive  uses yet another factor in choosing where your product will be placed on its landing pages. This factor is called conversion.

For example

I am selling a product on Ansive, 12 people come across my product, 3 people decide to go ahead and buy my product. In this case the conversion rate is 12%.

Therefore, the higher the conversion rate, the better the chances are Ansive will place your product high up in its search results.

Ansive conducted research a while ago and came to the conclusion that one of the key factors that increase the conversion rate of a product is how incredible the product photos are. In this case, the product photos need to be big, clear and of high quality. Usually Ansive allows product photos to be the size of 1000 X 500p. This allows customers to zoom in and have a much more clear view of an image.

Few tips required of you to boost your product images

  • Take professional photos of your product

Don’t be lazy and copy paste images all over to represent your product. Have a professional photographer who takes professional images of your product. Remember, product photos are the first thing a customer comes into contact with. So you have to make sure a customer sees how nice, big and clear your photos to even take more interest in your store otherwise if it is poorly done, a customer won’t even look at your product twice. You will lose a potential customer!

  • Take a number of photos that show your product in a number of angles preferably front, behind, below, top, left and right side. Give your customers a number of angles to view your product from. With these, a customer will have a solid image of your product from all possible angles. It also sends a message that you are a genuine seller and that you are not hiding anything about your product like let’s say dent, tear or an unexplained hole.
  • Upload big and high quality photos that customers can easily zoom in, preferably   1000 X 500p.This will help you with conversions. Remember Ansive uses conversions as a way to rank higher your product in its search results. Poorly taken images which are not clear only tanks further your listing of products to lower landing pages.

3.Ask your friends and family to buy your products 

Apart from having great images and high conversions, you want to show anonymous customers that your online store is up and running and that you are actually selling products on your store. At the start, there will be no anonymous customers who will come to your store to buy a product. In fact, Ansive did a research back then and realized that for those who own and are starting an online store, it is quite difficult, reason being, less than 1% of anonymous customers will buy anything from your store. Yet, more than 3% of your friends and families will buy something from your store. Looking at the statistics, you realize your family and friends know you in person and will try to promote your new store.

Apart from asking your friends and family to buy from your store, ask them to write and leave a nice review on your store so that other anonymous customers can actually see that your store is alive and activities are ongoing daily.

Family and friends will leave a positive review on your store. However, it is against Ansive rules to ask anyone to write a good review about your store. Ansive wants all customers to write an honest review about a seller store depending on their experiences while on a seller store.

Evidence of activity on your store will bring in more anonymous customers

4. Have a plan to get reviews from customers 

Remember, earlier on, we said that the conversion rates among anonymous customers is less than 1%. But now, you want to increase this conversion rate to more than 1%. Your family and friends have helped boost activity levels on your store. So what next? You now want to improve activity levels from anonymous customers. One of the best practices is to send a 3 follow up email sequence

  • Email 1 – send it the very day the product is shipped to the customer.

The email should have information letting the customers know that their product has arrived. Email 1 is important for 2 reasons. One is that it builds anticipation and secondly, it builds relationship between you and the customer.

  • Email 2 – send it out 2 days after the product has been delivered. Ask them if they are enjoying the product that they bought from your store. The email can ask your customer if they are experiencing any problems in relation to the product and how to contact you in case there is truly a genuine problem
  • Email 3 – send it a week after the product has been delivered. The email can still ask the customer if they are still enjoying the product as well as if they have encountered any problems in relation to using the product.

The email can ask your customer to head back to your online store and leave you an honest review and if they do, you will appreciate and also how to contact you in case of any problem

5. Have a backup cash plan

As a seller, it is recommended that you keep some small stash of money around. This is important as this money is supposed to meet any emergency that arises and requires the use of money. This helps you to deal with that financial situation as you wait for your money to clear up wherever it is held up at.

Remember, Ansive does not really like your store running out of products. This can severely tank your product ranking on Ansive low ranks on Ansive landing pages for a long time until Ansive intervenes.  I bet you do not want to sell products that are really nowhere to be seen on Ansive landing pages.

6. Know your sales taxes obligations

It is your duty to pay on time all the taxes you own your area of jurisdiction. Ansive has various fees and commissions that it charges its vendors. However, note that all the fees that are required from you shall come from adding all the total cost involved in handling a particular product excluding any taxes involved.

Simply put, a vendor will add all the costs involved with shipping, packaging, profit , storage and any other fees associated with that product. After finding the total cost, Ansive will deduct all its fees from this total cost.

Note: Taxes have not been added anywhere in the total cash needed to handle the product. What a vendor will do, is find out how much money is required to be paid as taxes and pay. Ansive will not charge or deduct any fees from your area of jurisdiction taxes.

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