Importance of dropshipping from established suppliers at AliExpress


However, as the choices keep getting more and more wide, compromise starts getting into a number of suppliers and manufacturers that are tasked with providing the physical product. 

A large portion of dropshipped items come from Alibaba, specifically China. A large percentage of those suppliers and manufacturers speak Chinese. 

For someone that is Keen on starting a dropshipping Eccomerce website, advise is that deal with well established suppliers and manufacturers that have been in the business for a very long time. 

Small ones are likely not to have mastered the art of dropshipping success. 

Reasons to avoid small suppliers and manufacturers in the dropshipping sector are varied. 

First, communication is a very big problem, most of them speak Chinese with little or no English at all. This makes communication from contacting them when a problem arises very difficult to when you need to keep track of your customer’s products also very difficult. 

Secondly, most of this small suppliers and manufacturers are not very concerned with a buyer that is buying a small amount of products from them. They can show willingness to assist and get involved from buyers buying bulk items. 

Thirdly, most of this small suppliers and manufacturers have not started a clear refund policy should anything go wrong. This makes it very difficult to claim any refund from them invade your customers find something unappealing to them. 

China is a bit far from most continents. Time taken to process and ship products is a bit consuming especially if other shipping methods are chosen over the AliExpress. Some customers may find it difficult to exercise patience over this longer periods of time. 

Sometimes the number of products you need to dropship to your store is just quite a few but at Alibaba, there is a minimum amount of products that one is required to purchase. This can be quite demorolizing given that the rest of the other products bought can stall for quite sometime at your store being that they won’t be in demand  at that particular moment 

It is advisable to purchase products from suppliers and manufacturers that have gone through the phases of trial and error successfully and are now well established. They can as well offer you genuine offers and discounts that you may need plus they know very well what a new dropshipping store requires to propel it to success, this may with additional information knowledge. 

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