Going through Ansive.com as a vendor is easy.

Ansive is an online marketplace that allows anybody to sell anything brand new.

There are six plans currently being offered on Ansive namely:

  1. Free plan ( us $ 0.25 per item listed for a maximum of 50 products),
  2. Basic plan (us $ 8 per month),
  3. Level plan ( us $ 25 per month),
  4. Extra plan (us $ 75 per month),
  5. Ansive Classic plan (us $ 175 per month) and
  6. Ansive Ultimate plan (coming soon).

First Click on “sell on Ansive.com”. Enter the correct details information required from you. A filled form will have be reviewed by Ansive. Usually this review process takes less than 24 hours. We will send an email to your email account asking you to confirm that the application was actually from you. You must confirm. Failure to confirm about your application does not complete the registration process and as such cannot access our services.

A successful vendor applicant will be taken straight to Ansive vendor dashboard. Please take a view of how our dashboard looks like:

Ensure that you fill all the fields correctly in all the sections indicated on our dashboard. There are very many reasons why a detailed vendor profile equals success. A detailed profile will differentiate you from thousands of our vendors.

Remember you are selling products that are also similar to hundreds of thousands of other similar products. The more you use many different terms in describing about your store, yourself and your products then the more the chances of using other words and statements that have not being used already. This makes you unique and able to compete with thousands of other competitors and emerge victorious.

Remember, Ansive seriously uses how current and detailed your information as a vendor as one of the ways to award scores to its vendors. So it is important that you make sure your profile and store information is detailed and up to date. Vendors that will do this automatically get an increase in the number of customers visiting their store through much help from Ansive. We will advise and direct these customers to your store.

What pictures are required from me?

A picture speaks a lot about a product you are selling. A lot more than even the words you use to describe that product. It is Important that you take clear, precise and on point pictures about your products. Pictures can even do the sales for you on your behalf. Yes! That is the power of a nicely taken product photo.

Here at Ansive, we only accept pictures to be the size of 500 X 500 pixels. Anything less than or more than that will automatically get removed by Ansive. For every product photo you want to take, ensure that you take 5 pictures of that product specifically: Front, Back, Left side, Right side and Below.

All product photos should be taken with a clear white background. The environment any product photo is taken should have enough bright lighting. This is to avoid having a product photo that is blurred in appearance with dark lit environment and background. Any customer that sees poorly taken product photos will not even make effort to read anything that describes your product instead they will move on to the next competitor you have to look for that  similar  product.

Remember, it only takes few microseconds to make an impression on your product. So make sure the product photos you take make an instant impression towards a customer. This will make a customer read more about your product and potentially do a purchase.

Ensure that you do not post the face of another person on Ansive unless you have the permission to do so. Seek consent from a caretaker in a case where the subject is considered a minor or a baby. Make sure that you do not copy paste photos directly from sites that do not accept commercial use of their photos.

How to describe your product.

Use very unique keywords while describing about your product. Unique keywords will differentiate you from the keywords your competitors use in describing their products. This is a big advantage because your unique keywords will enable your product to show up among the first products on our search engine anytime  customers are typing in search of a similar product like that one you have on our website.

Genuinely describe your product just like it is because remember, Ansive does not allow false product description. Any vendor that intentionally gives false product information will have that product automatically indicated as false product. That will be bad for business as it will raise eyebrows of potential customers who would rather shop in another store and avoid your false product status.

Ansive does not allow trying to align your product towards another brand or another product so as to boost sales which actually your product and the other brand are not related in any way.

Generally, give a detailed description about your product. Ansive is a global marketplace and as such deals with customers and vendors all over the world. Detailed information is helpful in trying to convince people who depend on a lot of detailed complex information to make a right decision.

Ensure that your product is put under the right category at all times. Ansive has a lot of very many categories and sub-categories. On your vendor dashboard, tick carefully where your product falls under. It is against Ansive rules to deliberately list your product under another different category for whatsoever reasons.

Sometimes, your product falls in one category but nowhere in any sub-category. What you do, list it under ‘’other’’ in any of those categories we have provided.

How do I know my store progress?

Go to the reports section to view a detailed summary of your statistics. Apart from numbers, your reports are represented in graph form. This allows a vendor to have a quick but thorough review of how the sales curve has been running.

You will be able to demand for any sales reports by any given past date as well as being able to see any one specific product sales statistics on your store.

Ability to have your reports prepared automatically and on time enables a vendor manage their store effectively. Remember, Ansive also analyzes and uses the ability of a vendor to manage a store as a way to award score to a vendor.

Statistics will give an insight into the priorities a store is supposed to do to improve even better the next reading from the reports.  For instance; a vendor will ensure the product inventory does not run out of any products, thanks to sales by product statistics. The same vendor will also work towards creating the perfect store as educated by Ansive to increase the number of visiting customers, all thanks to store statistics.

As a vendor on Ansive what should I know about payments?

Currently, Ansive requires that all vendors on Ansive accept the following methods of payments as their only means of receiving money from their customers;

  1. PayPal
  2. PayPal credit

Remember, Ansive uses only one method of payment which is PayPal to accept money from all its vendors. Ansive specific PayPal email is vicelgroup@gmail.com

Ansive always asks all its vendors to be on the lookout for fake email accounts that do not belong to Ansive.  Ansive has only two email accounts specifically;

  1. vicelgroup@gmail.com
  2. info@ansive.com

Note: vicelgroup@gmail.com is our only Ansive PayPal account and it is the only email that Ansive uses to receive money from vendors.

info@ansive.com is our only official email account that Ansive uses to conduct business. To reach Ansive on any issue anybody has concerning Ansive as a whole and its services, this is the right email account to use. Ansive always gets back to all its customers and vendors very quickly.

For every vendor, ensure that you always confirm every email account that is sent to you from Ansive. In case of any malicious email account, please do not conduct any business with any malicious email account.

Vendors are required to know when they start selling on Ansive. After 1 month starting from the date of selling on Ansive is done, vendors are required to pay money including the fees of the plan they are in and other commissions within the next 12 days.

I need further knowledge.

On Ansive dashboard, there is an articles section. Here vendors write articles about any general experience they have taken from various topics while using Ansive.

Ansive only exchanges articles between vendors that have articles of their own. Articles have proved helpful. Over the past few months, Ansive has helped many vendors make an informed decision particularly if they ever wanted to start selling new products that they did not know how these products would do.

After reading many articles, vendors introduce newer products to their store because they already know how it would perform and also know what particular customers to target. This avoids products staying in the store for a long time.

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