Prohibited items rule

    • You can’t try to contact other potential buyers to “warn” them about a seller. If you have a concern about a seller’s behavior, report it to us at and we’ll investigateBefore listing your item, make sure we allow it on Ansive. Make sure your listings and products follow our  guidelines. If they don’t, they may be removed, and you may be subject to a range of other actions, including restrictions of your buying and selling privileges and suspension of your account.Prohibited items
      1. Pornographic materials
      2. Charity and fundraising
      3. Clothing, used
      4. Contracts
      5. Counterfeit currency
      6. Currency, selling
      7. Drugs and drug paraphernalia
      8. Embargoed goods and prohibited countries
      9. Firearms, weapons, and military equipment
      10. Government documents, IDs and licenses
      11. Hazardous, restricted or regulated materials
      12. Human remains and body parts
      13. Items encouraging illegal activity
      14. Lottery tickets
      15. Mailing lists and personal information
      16. Medical drugs, devices, and healthcare
      17. Multi-level marketing, pyramid and matrix programs
      18. Pesticides
      19. Police-related items
      20. Recalled items
      21. Stamps
      22. Stocks and other securities
        • Reporting violation rule

      If you see a listing that violates one of our policies, report it by sending us a short statement about the case at

      If we determine that a listing or product has violated a policy, we email the seller or the buyer to let them know that we’ve removed the listing or product from Ansive.

      • Buyers rule

      The buyers rule outlines the type of behavior that we don’t allow from buyers

      1. You can’t use Ansive if your account contains false contact information. Buyers and sellers sometimes need to be able to get in touch with each other, and we need to be able to contact our members
      2. You must pay for any item you commit to buying. Not paying for an item after you agree to buy it has negative consequences
      3. Make sure that you read the listing description before you buy. Many of the problems buyers and sellers encounter are the result of simple misunderstandings about what is for sale and the terms of the sale. Only buy an item if you can meet the requirements described in the listing.
      4. If you know the seller, you can’t encourage on increasing the price of the item with the intent to increase its price
      5. You can’t offer to buy items outside of Ansive. Our policies don’t cover items bought outside of our site. If you buy items outside of Ansive, we don’t protect you against fraud. Sellers must follow the same rule, so if a seller offers to sell you something outside of Ansive, don’t accept the offer.
      6. If you buy an item from a seller in another country, you can’t ask the seller to mark the item as a gift in the customs declaration. This is illegal, and against our policies.
        • Feedback rule
          • You can’t abuse the feedback system

      This means you can’t threaten to leave a seller negative feedback if that seller won’t do something that wasn’t promised in the original listing. Also, you can’t leave feedback if you’re only doing it to help increase a seller’s feedback score. This is not allowed.

      • Seller conflict rule
        • Be honest and have good intentions when you try to resolve a transaction problem.

      Attempts to manipulate the Ansive Money refund rule are prohibited and can have serious consequences.

    • Reporting violations rule

    If you want to report a policy violation:

    1. First, read the rule page that deals with the violation and make sure the other member is really breaking the rules.
    2. If you still want to report a member, contact customer care through

    Reports of policy violations must be specific and you must submit them with the intent of addressing a known or suspected violation of our policy.

    When we receive your report, we look at all the circumstances, including the member’s history, before we decide whether to take action. If we aren’t sure about something or can’t prove it with certainty, we may not take any action. In addition, we won’t discuss the results of an investigation.

    • Ansive Money refund rule

    Buyers can use the Ansive Money refund rule when:

    1. They don’t receive an item
    2. They receive an item that doesn’t match the listing
    3. An item isn’t received or it isn’t as described in the listing
    4. A buyer reports that they didn’t receive an item or requests a return within the time indicated by the seller
    5. The buyer made the purchase on via checkout

    Buyers can’t use Ansive money refund rule if

    1. receiving an item that isn’t as described in the listing
    2. Items damaged during local pickup
    3. Local pickup items that were not collected by, or on behalf of, the buyer
    4. Items not delivered, damaged during collection, or damaged during shipment when the buyer arranges pick-up or shipping of the item
    5. Items shipped to another address after original delivery

    When a buyer doesn’t receive an item

    If a buyer doesn’t receive an item, the buyer needs to submit a request to the sales office at that the item hasn’t arrived. The seller should address the buyer’s concern and provide tracking information, updates on the delivery of the item.

    If the buyer isn’t happy with the seller’s response or doesn’t receive a response, the buyer can ask Ansive to step in and help.

    If asked to step in and help, we review the information provided by the buyer and seller for evidence of a successful on-time delivery to the buyer’s address or proof of collection by the buyer.

    Information required to prove a successful on-time delivery is all of the following:

    1. Tracking number uploaded to the site by the seller before the estimated delivery date;
    2. A delivery status of “delivered”
    3. The date of delivery;
    4. The recipient’s address, showing at least the city/county or zip code

    If we determine that the item wasn’t successfully delivered or collected, a refund of the full cost of the item and original shipping is sent to the buyer. The seller is required to submit back the money they already took from the buyer. Ansive will aslo return back all the money that was collected from the seller account back to the seller.

    NOTE: if the return shipping costs are more than the original money the buyer sent initially, then the remaining costs needed will have to be provided by the buyer to complete the return shipping.

    The duty of the buyer

    Generally, the buyer is responsible for accepting the item when it arrives. If the buyer refuses delivery, their claim is not eligible for the Ansive Money refund rule.

    1. The buyer can provide, via written proof from the carrier, that they refused the package because it arrived empty or was damaged in shipping
    2. The buyer accepted and opened the package only to determine that it was an empty box

    The buyer is responsible for paying any customs and duty fees for international shipping.

    1. The seller overstated the value of the item, which caused customs fees to be higher
    2. When a buyer wants to return an item or the item doesn’t match the listing


    Ansive Money refund rules timelines

    Item not received

    • A buyer can report that they didn’t receive an item once the item’s latest estimated delivery date has passed, and for 20 days after the latest estimated delivery date
    • The seller has 2 business days from the report to respond to the buyer with a solution (through either a replacement, a return, or a refund). If the seller does not offer a solution or the buyer is unsatisfied with the solution the buyer can ask Ansive to step in and help at
    • If the buyer doesn’t ask us to step in and help within 14 business days of reporting that they didn’t receive an item, the request closes automatically

    Replacement and exchange

    Replacement and exchanges can be requested by the buyer and/or seller. Exchanges are based on value of the original purchased item, with current and equal value. A buyer must request a return and select the replacement or exchange option no later than 28 days after the actual (or latest estimated) delivery date, or, if the seller’s return window is longer, within the return window.

    Timelines for replacement and exchanges

    When the buyer requests a replacement or an exchange the seller has 2 business days to respond to the buyer. If no response is received after 2 business days the buyer can ask Ansive to step in and help Through

    If a replacement or exchange is agreed upon, the buyer has 7 business days to ship the item back to the seller with return tracking information. If the buyer doesn’t ship the item back within 7 business days, the replacement or exchange will be closed.

    If the buyer doesn’t ship the return item back to the seller, and the seller shipped the replacement or exchange with confirmed delivery scan, after 28 business days the seller will be allowed to close the case.


     Late delivery date

    When we have no information about the actual delivery date, we use the latest estimated delivery date. When we have no estimated delivery information, we consider the latest estimated delivery date to be 10-15  days from payment date for transactions between a buyer and seller in the same country, and 28-60 days from the payment date for buyers and sellers in different countries.

    Extended time to refund money

    In some limited situations, we may extend the period of time in which a buyer is eligible for the Ansive Money refund rule. This extra time allows us to take into consideration the buyer’s location, the shipping service used, a seller’s extended return window, national holidays, or delays due to circumstances such as natural disaster, national emergency, labor strike, or governmental act, or other circumstances such as fraud.



    Buyers and sellers have an opportunity within 20 days from when we make a decision about a transaction issue to appeal the decision by providing appropriate documentation. Ansive reserves the right to seek reimbursement from the seller if a buyer successfully appeals and Ansive used part of its money to facilitate the whole process.

    • Images and text rule

    When creating listings or products, members should write their own description and take Images and text you created yourself

    You should be sure you have permission from the rightful  owner or creator before you use the following:

    1. Images or text copied from websites or internet searches
    2. Stock photos and text
    3. Information from product packaging
    4. Images and text copied from listings of other Ansive members


    • Link rule

    Links that direct customers to a site other than Ansive are not allowed, except when linking to:

    • Product videos
    • freight shipping services
    • Other legally required information


    • Freight shipping services

    A seller can use any freight shipping services. During  signing up to become a seller on our website, we will review all your information including the freight shipping service you will use. If we have any problem with your freight shipping service, we will get back to you to ask you to choose another shipping service provider and we will tell you our reasons. Choose a convenient shipping service provider that offers shipping services to a number of destinations.

    • Advertisement rule

    All advertising content must be appropriate for a general audience and must comply with all laws and rules and regulations that apply to the advertiser, the advertising content, and the jurisdiction.

    Please review the advertising specifications before submitting for approval.

    • Ad Format

    There is a 15-seconds maximum length

    All audio must be customer-initiated on click and a Mute/play/stop button is required.

    Rollovers that initiate audio and video are forbidden

    Advertisements must be visually distinct from page content by providing high contrast background color that clearly distinguishes the ad from the content.

    • Ad Content

    The content must incorporate the advertiser’s logo or brand name.

    The ad content must contain a clear and strong call to action (CTA). The message where the ad is placed on must correspond to the call to action (CTA) of that specific ad

    • Restricted Ad Content

    Ansive does not accept ads containing certain content, or relating to certain offers, products or services, Including but not limited to;

    • Contests, prize draws,
    • Medical, Pharmaceutical, Health & Beauty Products:

    Ads and landing pages must not use unsupported or exaggerated claims. The benefits and risks of these products should be as realistic as possible. There should be no exaggeration on their effectiveness

    Non-prescription health and beauty products cannot claim to be as effective as prescription products.

    • Alcohol and similar products

    Ansive does not allow ads promoting Alcohol whatsoever in any locale around the world

    • Gambling items and Services

    Advertisers of gambling services and products must comply with all relevant local licensing requirements within their jurisdiction and should not be aligned with Ansive gaming products

    • Unacceptable Ad Content

    Content that is emotionally exploitative, controversial or that uses negative depictions of humans or animals. Content that is obscene, defamatory, libelous, or infringing or invasive of intellectual or personal rights

    Content that is threatening, abusive, harassing, hateful, or that incites violence or intolerance, or that advocates or discriminates against a protected group, whether based on race, color, national origin, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, age or other category

    Content that promotes any illegal, deceptive or dangerous products, services, or activities, including hacking or evading law enforcement

    • Unacceptable Products & Services
    • Cryptocurrencies
    • Illicit drugs, drug paraphernalia or products to beat drug tests,
    • Lethal or non-lethal weapon sales, including guns, gun parts, BB guns, bows, mace, black powder, ammunition and firearm accessories Medical research solicitations
    • Medical devices that require a prescription
    • Online pharmacies
    • Political candidate, political party or issue related ads
    • Pornography, escort services and products claiming to enhance sex
    • Products or services deemed to be used for privacy invasion
    • Products or services that infringe, encourage, or enable, the infringement of intellectual property or personal rights
    • Products that are ‘marketed to children’ through messaging, imagery, or targeting
    • Tobacco or tobacco related products, including e-cigarettes and accessories
    • Placement Specific Guidelines
    • clear words

    Other than product images, all text within ads must be clearly legible. For ad placement in any landing page, At least Use Arial font size 10pts to 25 pts.  For desktop banners, mobile banners  take up 20% of the ad unit’s height

    We do not accept content designed with the intention to distract rather than engage. Including but not limited to loud, clashing colors, poor resolution images and fonts, intrusive, high-annoyance design elements such as flashing, high contrast transitions, or excessive animation

    In our most prominent ad placement, we do not accept bright , highly saturated colors are not permitted ;970×250 Billboard and 600×500 Mobile Home Page.

    Black and dark background colors are permitted.

    • Additional requirements for ads

    All advertising must be directly related to business offerings for sellers to grow and improve their business

    Advertising is available for business financial services, office supply, telecom and energy services, technology and business software, shipping providers, and business services

    Ads cannot use overly dark or bright backgrounds

    Ads cannot include a border

    All images must be static and not contain animation

    • Mobile

    Mobile Ads linking are limited to download from Ansive or phone ads and tap to call only.

    • Sponsored Products and Brands

    you have to understand our rules concerning other products that need to be sponsored on Ansive and you have to comply with them or otherwise your ad won’t be approved until you fix the problem

    Sponsored ads must be at least 728×90, 800×90, 300×250, 160×600, 245×135 or 900×45.

    item ads  must be 728×90, 300×250, 160×600, 245×135 or 900×45.

    Your ads must:

    • Be suitable for a general audience
    • Accurately reflect the content of the landing page
    • in that language where the ad is displayed
    • should not contain any of the prohibited content we have talked about
    • Brand logo
      We require the presence of your brand logo in your ad so that customers can identify you as the advertiser.
    • strong sense of making viewers to act or Call-to-action (CTA)
      To improve your ad’s performance,
    • Heading
      We require heading to be in sentence case. The first letter is the one that can be written in capital letters
    • Promotional and holiday messaging about discounts is not allowed on ansive
    • The kind of products we accept
      Promote those products that you either own or that you can be able to resell or distribute.

    Do not advertise Prohibited products

    • Ansive link

    If linking to ansive, an Ansive logo  should be included in the ad unit.

    All audio must be initiated by the customer

Ansive service providers rule

    • All Ansive service providers are required to carry a general liability insurance with a limit of us $200 000 per occurrence. You will be required to provide your insurance information upon registration.What you need to know about Ansive service providers
      • All service providers on Ansive should be from the local area or country only. They provide professional services within a local area or country only.
      • All service providers on Ansive should have a current and valid licenses issued by the government showing that they are trained and qualified by the government to carry out the service
      • All service providers are required to have the latest security background check with them that can be showed before doing any service
      • You can select the type of service you would want to have done for you. What you do is simply visit the store of a service provider and select the kind of service you need, then add it to the cart.
      • The money will be paid to Ansive directly so that we hold the money until the job is done. This is to avoid the money not being refunded back to the buyer in case something goes wrong.
      • We only select the best service providers. So every provider on our website has undergone a thorough background check that includes but is not limited to criminal record, cost of service, insurance available, accept rescheduling
      • There is room provided to cancel your ordered service 24 hours before the service is provided. You as the buyer needs to go back to the provider seller channel and write a message indicating you have cancelled the schedule
      • Communication between the buyer and seller

      Ansive only accepts communication that is conducted on its website. A buyer can visit the service provider seller channel and start messaging so as to enquire about anything that is of concern to the buyer. This way we consider our website to be safe and secure enough.


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