Ansive.com is a multivendor kind of Eccomerce, where sellers upload their items and sell across to different buyers .

SELLERS. To sell your items on Ansive.com, first you will need to register using the correct information. We will then approve your account in less than 24 hours so as to access much of what we have to offer you on your personal store . You are now set to go . It is important that you design your personal store with the various themes we have provided you with . This is important because a neatly prepared store is one of the factors that attracts customers to your store and keeps them coming back .

we have provided a detailed summary of our terms and conditions and our privacy policy . It is important to read all this pieces of information keenly so as to avoid any conflict from arising between you the seller and the company. we have provided you with additional space too on your personal store to add more of your terms and conditions, privacy policy , refund policy and other topics that interest you as a seller.

As a seller, Ansive.com has 5 subscription plans that you can choose from to operate in. Those 5 plans are namely

Free plan

You don’t pay any monthly fees here, it’s absolutely free. You can upload upto 50 products in this plan.

Basic plan

Here you will pay $8 per month , you can upload unlimited number if products to your store . However we will only post 3 products of yours on our main priority homepage , you will be able to create invoices but won’t really get more information on third parties shipping companies .

Level Plan

This plan costs $25 per month , it also takes an unlimited number of products into your personal store . The number of products that we can show on our priority homepage is 7, you can customize your store with many of our unlocked themes as compared to the basic plan that is limited.

Extra plan

This plan costs $ 75 per month to use , you can as well upload an unlimited number of products onto your store , customize your store with even many themes , much more than the level plan. 15 products of yours are showcased onto our priority homepage , we direct buyers onto your seller store , we share with your in marketing your store by recommendations and redirecting to your store .

Ansive Classic Plan

This plan costs $175 per month to use . It comes with every benefit ansive.com has to offer . We market your store, post 30 products of yours on our priority homepage, provide you with shipping info, help you with follow-ups, answer all your technical questions and provide you with statistics to help you know what products and trends you need . It’s the best

Like I said , we have provided a more detailed information about what our sellers need to do and know about opening a store and selling on Ansive.com including the quality of product pictures you need , infringement of agreements you have with your buyers and much more, click on our terms and conditions and privacy policy to read and know more


Buyer satisfaction and protection is a key strategy within Ansive.com , we make sure we do serious background checks on every buyer and what they claim to sell, so we only deal with genuine buyers. Buyers are protected against fraud, we have incorporated top level security measures to ensure that credit and debit card transactions and other transactions pass through key security measures and standards to avoid theft and fraud.

We give out a lot of information concerning individual seller information about their practices , loyalty, deliverance and rates so as to give our buyers easy time in knowing who is more convenient and effective as a buyer .

Our communications channels are always on all the time to engage and serve when necessary. Again, this is just a preview of the information provided about buyers using ansive.com , much more is provided on out terms and conditions and privacy policy pages.

Out formal contacts are



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